2D Formation Sensor

2D FSensor - Lab formation Sensor


 The 2D Lab Formation Sensor is based on the 2D Online Formation Tester using the same optics, electronics and results algorithm. Therefore, the lab system will provide the same analysis and give the same results as those obtained by the online system.

A CCD camera takes lookthrough images of a sample backlit by a stroboscope. The intensity of the light is regulated by the computer to obtain a constant homogeneous tone as well as a constant grey level average of the image. By automatically controlling the light intensity, formation of sheets with varying basis weights, colors or opacities can be compared.

The basis weight range is very large, from 5 g/m2, tissue, non woven, printing and writing, up to testliner, virgin board (even dyed) over 600 g/m2. The system can also be used for white paper over 1000 g/m2.

The images are analyzed by a powerful integrated computer
and the results are displayed on a large 19” flat screen
monitor. The algorithm was developed by CTP* and tested by
many papermakers before validation. The treatment process is
by far the best available thanks to CTP and its 25 plus years
of experience in paper and board lookthrough

* Centre Technique du Papier. Grenoble, France

The Device

The Techpap Paper Formation analyzer  is ruggedly built with an integrated stroboscope, light regulation board, reflection mirror, sheet support, camera.

The stroboscope lamp is not a wear part, average life expectancy of this lamp is 10 years. The 2D system will also automatically compensate for lamp aging.

Techpap can deliver two types of sheet supports:

> A support with milk glass for fine papers to 50 g/m2
> Normal glass for current grades through heavy grades

The automatic feeder system is included. This allows the operator to run cross directional profile.
Friendly User Interface

The software runs under lastest WINDOWS operation system. 

Desktop Computer delivered in option

Uncomplicated parameter settings.
Easy data Transfer to Excel or ASCII.
File can be transfered to a data historian or DCS using an OPC server or 420mA signal.


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