Paper Stability & Creeping

Varidim, Varimass and Varipress - measurement of paper properties

The VARIDIM can perform a variety of tests to measure expansive properties of paper according to ISO 8226. The system makes a continuous measurement of up to ten paper strips in a humidity controlled chamber with relative moisture between 15% and 90%. The system is PC driven and saves the data output so that it can be easily worked with. The set point number and duration can be saved along with the humidity for each set point. It is easy to achieve a complete range of results as tables or curves and all of the raw data can be transferred to a standard spreadsheet. The young Modulus can be calculated for sample elasticity under each humidity level

The Varipress is an instrument developed to measure the creeping resistance of papers in moisture conditions from 15% to 90% under cyclical conditions. The Varipress can measure up to ten samples autonomously from each other with automatic humid condition cycling. The instrument is driven by a PC and all data can be saved as files readable by any spreadsheet.


Humidity Generator
The Humidity Generator can provide a controlled humidity from 10% to 90% RH with a <2% error. This system is designed to work with the Varidim, Varipress and Varimass measurement chambers.
The VARIMASS is designed to measure the water sorption and desorption of paper in a humidity controlled environment, 15 % 90% RH. This system is an extension of the Varidim system; therefore, has the same specifics.

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