Laboratory Equipment

Automatic Handsheet Former

The Automatic Dynamic Handsheet Former is designed to closely simulate a paper machine. it produces rectangular sheets up to 25 x 90 cm:

  • Tissue
  • Cigarette paper
  • Printing & writting grades
  • Board & liners

  • Oriented paper
  • Good retention & Formation
  • Water marks
  • Multi-layered paper (White top)
Laboratory press

The Laboratory Press promotes handsheet pressing in conditions similar to those found on paper machines. The attention to detail in its construction is extensive as well as the ruggedness in its design. This unit comes in a tabletop design also.

Laboratory dryer

The Laborator y Dryer has been developed with the idea to dry handsheets with the best possible conditions to maintain samples flatness and stability. This unit comes in a tabletop design also.






Retention tester

The Retention Tester is used to study the influence of additives to sheet formation, especially retention, sizing and wet strength additives. The pulp is agitated and diluted to the right consitence, additives are injected to the mix and the sheet is rapidly formed on the wire. White water is collected for analysis and the dynamic drainage behavior is monitored.


  Laboratory equipment brochure in German

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Laboratory equipment brochure in English


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