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From left to right : 

Simpascan : dirt analyser for large size samples
Mottling : surface roughness measurement
2D Lab : formation measurement
MorFi Neo : fiber characterisation
3D Stick : stickies characterisation 

MORFI NEO 03/28/2019


Fiber Morphology measurement and characterization with enhanced resolution for optimized results

Flushability of Disposable Hygienic Products04/04/2016

EDANA & INDA have introduced 2013 the third updated version of its FG502 Guidelines for Assessing the Flushability of Nonwoven Disposable Products.

Nonwoven has been a preferred material for personal care products thanks to its combination of strength, softness, handiness and hygiene; however the clogging of wastewater piping systems has been a major issue.

The SLOSHBOX was designed according to the determinations of FG502 and offers users an objective test method to assess the flushability of its products.

 PDF Brochure

Discover SIMPALAB09/09/2013

The Simpalab is a powerfull and reliable lab dirt counter software, operative with most flatbelt scanners but can be used also with CCD & Line Scan Video Camera. 

The simpalab gives you detailed and accurate information on your paper or pulp sheet pollution according to most well known Tappi or ISO norms.

Recently it has also integrated the guidelines requirements for the analysis of Macro Stickies in Deinked Pulp according to Ingede methods 





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