PI Fiber Morpholgy

PI - On Line MorFi Fiber analysis module


The fiber analysis module is based on the famous CTP(*) / Techpap morphology analyzer, the globally acclaimed MorFi.

Integrated inside the Basic unit, it performs automatically all standard morphological analysis from entire fibrous population fibers, fines, shives & vessels

ISO/FDIS 1 6065-2

MorFi Module

The MorFi Module is specifically designed for intensive use and provides a complete interface for the treated data display.
This unit offers optimal optics & flow cell measurement characteristics to ensure a blockage free process control as well high measurement accuracy.
The interface gives a complete display of the treated data and makes it possible to recalculate this data to highlight different features. The data can be saved and exported to other computer programs.

All data can be trended using the Xtrend interface This module use the same samplers as the basic system



Average & Distribution for :

  • Number per gram
  • Coarseness
  • Real Length Measurements
  • Weighted Length
  • Measurements
  • Width Measurements
  • Kink and Curl
  • Broken Ends
  • Macrofibrills



Average & Distribution for :

  • % in Area
  • % in Length
  • Number per gram



Average & Distribution for :

  • Length
  • Width
  • Area
  • % area / fibers
  • Number per gram




User Friendly Software

» All parameters are easily adjustable including fibers & fines definitions
» Instant data recalculation using new parameter values (no time limit on data history)
» Real time fiber images displayed on screen as well as data acquisition
» Full data exportation & multi test exportation for easy result analysis under Excel
» Easy to understand histograms, arrays and curves
» Images saving ability
» Three passwords protect user authorization levels


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