Slosh Box

Assessing Flushability of Personal Care Products according to EDANA & INDA FG502 Guidelines

EDANA & INDA have introduced 2013 the third updated version of its FG502 Guidelines for Assessing the Flushability of Nonwoven Disposable Products.

Nonwoven has been a preferred material for personal care products thanks to its combination of strength, softness, handiness and hygiene; however the clogging of wastewater piping systems has been a major issue.

The SLOSHBOX was designed according to the determinations of FG502 and offers users an objective test method to assess the flushability of its products.

The Device

The Slosh Box consists of an oscillating box containing 2.0 liters of tap water or wastewater, in which a single article (e.g. individual hygienic wipe ) is incubated.

The triple slosh box test apparatus includes a set of 3 plastic boxes oscillated (i.e. rocked forward and backward) by a rotating cam and lever mechanism at 26 rpm.

The speed of the cam is adjustable using a controller to attain 26 rpm.

Each of the box is equipped with a clear plastic lid to control any splashing and allow observation of test articles during the test. 


Easy Use of the Equipment following EDANA/INDA guidelines

The slosh box test is easy to perform when following the EDANA/INDA FG502 guidelines : the result is the percentage of the initial dry mass passing through the 12.5mm perforated plate sieve after 3 hours of wet disintegration in the sloshbox. 

To be acceptable this pourcentage must be greater than 25% for at least 80% of the individual tests made.



 Slosh Box brochure in English



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