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Monitor - Waste paper bale instant moisture and contaminant control

Today’s modern Pulp and Paper Mills are faced with the ever increasing need to systematically control the receipt of recovered fibers from the supply sources. Due to a variety of factors, waste paper bale contamination has lead to a direct cost increase for mills in terms of a decrease in bale quality and no way to control this quality during bale receiving. The mills are also experiencing a direct material cost increase because of the loss of usable fiber in the bale and an increase in the energy needed to get the recycled fiber bales ready for processing.

Cost saving controls for incoming bales would include:

  • A quick and accurate way to measure moisture content (Hr%)at receiving
  • A way to accurately measure undesirable contaminant in the bale (such as plastic or metals)


MONITOR - this device, developed by CTP in Grenoble France, allows the operator to instantly and reliably measure moisture and contaminants in the received bales. Our MONITOR customers have achieved their ROI in less than one year.

Distinct Advantages of the Monitor System Include:
  • An instant analysis of the received bales and immediate result display
  • Easy installation on existing core drilling machine
  • No manual handling or drilling required
  • The analysis is performed independent of the operators
  • The drilling operation is automatic and therefore always consistent
  • Analysis is done at constant speed for excellent repeatability
  • No operator needed for instrument operation


In most cases the MONITOR system can provide a ROI in only a few months. For example, a paper mill using 400,000 tons of recovered paper per year, with an average cost of recovered papers of 60 Euro/ton ($79/ton US) and contaminant managing of 90Euro/ton ($118/ton US). If the moisture rate is fixed at 10%, and 1% for contaminants, a measurement with MONITOR that gives an average rate of 11.2% moisture and 1.7%contaminants, will reveal a fiber loss of:

  • 4,800 tons due to water
  • 2,800 tons due to contaminants, (fiber loss and waste managing loss)


Result: 708,000 Euro ($934,000 US) per year cost overrun that can be prevented by MONITOR

Monitor brochure in English

Monitor brochure in German

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