Edge Crack Detector

DAR 4 & 5 - On Line Edge Crack Detection


Edge cracks cause many problems and can create huge costs in paper machines, calenders, winders, coating machines, print machines, aso.
The DAR4 can help you to detect edge cracks and to find out where they are coming from.
This analogic sensor uses modern and safe optoelectronic components especially selected, detecting any crack, also folded edges of a moving web, thin or thick, dark or clear.
Strongly built, the housing of the DAR4 is designed in a massive block of aluminium, equipped with two parallel tubes. The detection area, between the tubes is 36 mm wide : as long as the web moves in this area, the DAR4 will detect edge cracks, even very little ones (minimum 2 x 0.4 mm) at high speed (3000 m / mn).


Detection head and electronics are separated by a 2 meter cable. As the detection head is small and light, it can be mounted on trimmerknives heads of rewinders or in narrow locations The electronic unit is equipped with a display panel: eight indicator lights inform the operator about the position of the sensor with regard to the edge, and make positioning easy.
Four other lights give information about running and crack detection. A counter displays the total number of detected cracks since the last reset.

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