PI Freeness

PI - Drainage module (CSF)


The drainage CSF module complies to the standardized test method Canadian Freeness
- Tested by Paprican
- Drainage chamber made of lightweight & rugged Polyacetal
- Compensation for temperature correction
- Compensation for consistency correction

ISO 5267/2


This module is an automatized standard Canadian Freeness Measurement, with automatic temperature & weight compensation.
It delivers freeness measurement & trends through Xtrend and have an automatic cleaning cycle to perform 24/7 service to the mill.

This stand alone unit can be combined with:

  • The Basic Pulp inspector
  • The Fiber Analyzer Module (Morfi)
    All modules use the same samplers



PI Dillution

Techpap has developped a dillution module to adjust automatically the sample consistency provided by sampler to have a precise value to run the CSF measurement.
The PI Dillution System uses an optical device to perform an accurate adjust of the pulp sample delivered to CSF module.



Pulp Inspector brochure in English


Techpap has developped a graphic interface

  • Multi users (through TCP/IP)
  • Multi sensor

Each workspace configurable with:

  • Trend curves
  • Histogram
  • Sectors

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