Calipack Migration Cell

Assessing food contamination from packaging materials according to European Standard EN 1186


Food industry relies modern packaging for preserving its products throughout storage, distribution and sales.

Food contamination arising from packaging is a major concern, specially when non-inert & recycled materials like paper, board and plastics are used and chemical food contamination may occur.

The CALIPACK Migration Cell allows user to accurately evaluate in the laboratory the specific global migration from packaging materials to food  according to European Standard CEN - EN 1186.



The Calipack Migration Cell is fully manufactured with inert materials :

  • - two rugged AISI 304L stainless steel smoothly machined plates 
  • - one rugged AISI 304L cylindrical ring with internal area of 100cm², volume of 200ml and two access ports - one for filling and another for air exhaust.
  • - two FDA approved teflonned silicone O'ring type seals resistant up to 180ºC
  • - set of four AISI 304L studs and bakelite handle nuts for simple & quick preparation and use of the Calipack Migration Cell
  • - available also in AISI 316L stainless steel version



The Migration Cell C type meets standard CEN EN 1186 : 2002 and has been designed by C.A.L.I.-PACK - Group gathering the C.T.P., the A.D.R.I.A.C., the L.N.E. and the I.A.N.E.S.C.O. on the subject of materials in contact with food. 


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